Capri Solé

A lover of sun drenched exotic locations, Paul Vance the creator of Capri Solé, followed a capricious whim some years back. Heading to Europe with a rail pass and bags in hand, he started in Spain and worked his way up its west coast. Restlessly he wandered, spending only memorable moments in beautiful locals on the west coast of Spain from Valencia to Barcelona, immersing himself in local culture, savoring the food and music and his time away from the office. Moving on he drifted up the French Riviera enjoying the splendor of Nice and the elegance of the ornate casinos and palaces of Monaco.

Though many times along the way the temptation to linger was very strong, his wanderlust seemed always to push him to move on. Eventually he jumped a train which took him through the south of France and into the northern part of Italy and finally to Rome where he thought he might spend some time touring the endless and timeless treasures of art and history. After several days he began to become restless and again was drawn to the coast.

After a chance discussion with a fellow traveler who had just returned with wondrous tales of the inexplicable beauty of the Amalfi Coastline, he felt as if he could not stay another moment in Rome. Arriving in Pasitano, Paul was stunned. He realized that he would scarcely be able to translate the beauty of what he was seeing to friends and family back home. Seeing a rental shop along the roadside in Solerno, he eagerly fished through his pockets for enough Lire to rent a Vespa. Feeling a bit comical at first, being a tall blonde Australian on a dainty scooter he soon surrendered to the sheer joy of feeling like he was floating through the blue heaven as he rode through the seemingly endless ribbon of highway along the jagged cliffs of the warm sun drenched Amalfi coast.

Paul recalls that he had never before felt he had been so close to what he had always seemed to be seeking in his many travels. When he arrived in Sorrento he could almost relate to the great Ulysses. It was here that Ulysses resisted the tempting chants of the mermaids. Seven miles out lay the Isle of Capri in the azure pool that is the bay of Naples. Paul could not wait to visit this Crown jewel of the Amalfi coast. Boarding a ferry he marveled at the color of the water as the sun seemed to reflect from the sand beneath the waves creating a mesmerizing spectacle of blue and green. The boat soon reached the rocky marina and the blue water seemed to glow on the sun bleached fishing boats that dotted the marina. Sadly his allotted time away was coming to an end and he was needed back at his business at home.

Paul spent only two memorable days on Capri before making his way back home to Sydney. He was sad to leave this beautiful place but knew that he would have to make this pilgrimage again whenever he could. After several weeks, having returned to what was now winter in Australia and being tucked away in his offices, he noticed that his great vacation tan had begun to fade. With a background in cosmetic chemistry and always the entrepreneur, Paul began to consider dabbling in the sunless tanning industry. After several months of research and focusing on what worked and what did not in the sunless tanning industry he began to achieve some amazing and surprising results. In his rented Laboratory he started to understand some of the important blunders made in many of the formulas he compared with his own. Paul's determination and combination of working with some expensive and difficult to find natural ingredients as well as understanding and using the proper ratios, netted him the most amazing formula he had ever seen. When the formula was ready, Paul began test marketing the product and found that he head one of the best formulas in the world! With a sly smile he claims to have captured an endless supply of the Amalfi sun in his heart which now goes into every bottle of Capri Solé.

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